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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Actually Do?

A digital marketing agency helps businesses reach, nurture, and convert users through online channels like search, paid, email, social, and more.

What's Involved In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into eight main categories including: affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, mobile marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Is Facebook Ads Really Effective?

Yes, Fb ads are really effective for several reasons. First, Facebook has a massive audience of over 2.89 billion users around the world and the average person spends 34 minutes on the platform per day. Second, there are a variety of ad types you can use to reach your ideal customer.

What Is the Most Successful Marketing Strategy?

The most effective marketing strategies are those that are targeted toward a specific audience, focused on key benefits based on the audience's point of view and interests, and delivered at an appropriate time – when the audience is most likely to be attentive to and interested in the message being delivered.

Should My Business Use SEO?

 The short answer is yes! SEO is an intentional, data-driven approach to increase the quality of your business's digital marketing and the visibility your business receives. The benefits of SEO can only help your business, making it worth the time spent researching.

What Is the Difference Between SEO and Google Ads

SEO is an essential long-term marketing strategy that's truly necessary to build a loyal audience and reliable network of customers. Google Ads are an optional but valuable part of a larger SEO strategy that can be especially helpful for generating quick, timely traffic.

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